Title Issue Date
Choking On Hidden Charges?   What Should You Do? February, 2006
If You Sell Your Dry Cleaners And Assign The Lease To The Buyer, What Is Your Future Lease Liability? May, 2006
Who Says A “Standard Lease” Is Non-negotiable? July/August, 2006
Can A Shareholder Be Liable For Corporate Debt? October, 2006
My Equipment Has Been Repossessed!   What Happens Next? December, 2006
Employee Or Independent Contractor:   Have You Classified Your Workers Correctly? April, 2007
Can A Landlord Extract A Piece Of The Action From A Tenant-seller In The Sale Of A Dry Cleaners? June, 2007
You Observe A Traffic Collision! Should You Help? October, 2007
So You Exercised A Lease Option! How Much Is Your Rent? December, 2007
A Trip On The Sidewalk May Result In A Stroll Through The Courthouse! February, 2008
My Neighbor’s Tree Is Offending Me! Can I Get Out The Ax? March, 2008
I'm Selling My Dry Cleaners.  How Should The Buyer's Debt Be Secured? January/February, 2009
The Sky Is Falling!  Can I Sue? January/February, 2010
I Leased My Building To A New Tenant And A Customer Suffered An Injury.  Am I Liable? November/December, 2010
Asbestos Removal, And Seismic Retrofits!  Have You Read Your Lease Lately? January/February, 2012