Title Issue Date
"Sponsoring A Marathon? Provide Water!" August, 2002
"No Good Deed Goes Unpunished!" July, 2002
"Battery By Surgery?" June, 2002
"Planes, Trains And Taxicabs – The Duty Of Safe Carriage!" May, 2002
"Can Staring Constitute Sexual Harassment?" April, 2002
"I've Been Cheated! - What Do I Do Now?" March, 2002
"New California Laws - Effective January, 2002" February, 2002
"Police, Parents, And Store Clerks!" January, 2002
"Students, Knives And A Campus Search!" December, 2001
"Alcohol, A Gun, And A Homeowners Policy!" November, 2001
"Checks, Banks And Dishonest Employees!" October, 2001
"A Car Dealer’s Nightmare:   The Advertised Price Was Wrong!   [Update]" September, 2001
"Brokers And Home Inspection Companies - Similar Duty To Inspect?" August, 2001
"The Lessor Didn’t Repair The Roof!   Can I Withhold Rent?" July, 2001
"You‘re Choking On Cam Charges!   What Should You Do?" June, 2001
"Is My Attendant An Employee Or An Independent Contractor?   Should I Care?" May, 2001
"My Neighbor’s Tree Is Offending Me!   Can I Get Out The Ax?" April, 2001
"I've Been Cheated! What Do I Do Now?   [annual Update]" March, 2001
"New California Laws   Effective January, 2001" February, 2001
"Legal Tidbits!" January, 2001
"A Trip on the Sidewalk may Result in a Stroll through the Courthouse!" December, 2000
"The ‘Standard’ Lease" October, 2000
"Must an Apartment Building Lessor Evict an Occupant who Threatens Tenants?" September, 2000
"I Received a “Bad” Check! What Can I Do Now?" August, 2000
"I’m Behind in My Rent! What’s Next?" July, 2000
"So You Exercised a Lease Option! How Much Is Your Rent?" June, 2000
"My Employee Burned The Building Down! Am I Liable?" May, 2000
"A Car Dealer's Nightmare: The Advertised Price Was Wrong!" April, 2000
"I've Been Cheated! What Do I Do Now? [Annual Update]" March, 2000
"New California Laws Effective January, 2000" February, 2000
"The Mediterranean Sea And Cyberspace. Standing On The Threshold!" January, 2000
"Dispute Resolution: Rocks To Lawsuits!" December, 1999
"Thanksgiving Blessing: May You Be Free Of Msg And Insults!" November, 1999
"I Leased My Building to A New Tenant and A Customer Suffered An Injury. Am I Liable?" October, 1999
"Can A Shareholder Be Liable for Corporate Debt?" September, 1999
"A Haul Road, Paper Trail and Casino Parking Lot!" August, 1999
"The Sky is Falling! Can I Sue?" June, 1999
"When I sell my Coin Laundry and Assign my Lease to the Buyer, What is my Future Lease Liability?" May, 1999
"Sharks, Roller Skates, and Tow Truck Drivers" April, 1999
"I've Been Cheated! What Do I Do Now?" [Annual Update] March, 1999
"New California Laws Effective January, 1999" February, 1999
"Yachts, Sex, and Insurance!" December, 1998
"The Square Footage is 4,300, not 5,500 as Represented! Can I Sue?" November, 1998
"I'm Selling My Coin Laundry. How Should the Buyer's Debt be Secured?" October, 1998
"My Equipment Has Been Repossessed! What Happens Next?" September, 1998
"Common Sense vs. Company Policy. The Case of the Employee Restroom." August, 1998
"Can a Lawyer Argue the Need for Advice of Counsel?" July, 1998
"Sportsfishing And The Parent- Child Relationship!" May, 1998
"How Secure Is An Equipment Distributor As A Secured Creditor In Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?" April, 1998
"Horses, Water Heaters and Brokers!" January, 1998
"To Disclose Or Not To That Is The Question!" December, 1997
"When There Is A Will, There Is A Way!" November, 1997
"You Are Assaulted In A Parking Area Where No Security Is Provided. Is The Landlord Liable?" October, 1997
"Small Claims Court Quick, Simple and Inexpensive!" September, 1997
"You Sign a Lease, But the Landlord Signs a Lease With a Competitor! Can You Sue?" August, 1997
"Have You Been Harassed By a Debt Collector?" July, 1997
"So You're Installing Improvements in Your Coin Laundry! Is Your Contractor Licensed?" June, 1997
"A Coin Laundry Customer Is Hurt By A Robber Because You Stalled Responding to the Robber's Demands! Are You Liable?" May, 1997
"Legal Tidbits!" April 1997
"Long Distance Telephone Companies Are Trolling The Waters For You!" January 1997
"Have You Read Your "Paper" Lately?" December 1996
"The Laundry Room Lease Is Automatically Renewable Until When?" November 1996
"So You Purchased An Apartment Building And Want To Evict The Laundry Room Operator. We Don't Always Get What We Want!" October 1996
"Asbestos Removal and Seismic Retrofits! Have You Read Your Lease Lately?" September 1996
"We Scribbled Our Deal On A Napkin! Is It Binding?" August 1996
"Brokers, Guns and Landlords!" July 1996
"The Courts Are Awash In Appeals!" June 1996
"A Customer Slips And Falls In Your Coin Laundry. Are You Liable?" May 1996
"An Employee Is Physically Assaulted In Your Coin Laundry. Were You Or Your Landlord Negligent In Failing to Provide Security?" April 1996
"How Much Is My Rent?" January 1996
"My Newly Acquired Laundromat Is An Economic Disaster! Who Can I Blame?" December 1995
"Employee or Independent Contractor: Have You Classified Your Workers Correctly?" November 1995
"Attention Laundromat And Route Operators: The IRS Is Watching You!" October 1995
"I've Been Sued! Will Insurance Cover The Claim?" September 1995
"Did You Read Your Lease Before Or After You Signed It?" July 1995
"Don't Interfere!" June 1995
"Watch What You Say!" May 1995